Dancing, especially BODYJAM is my passion. I’m a licensed instructor of Les Mills BODYJAM, as well as BODYCOMBAT, BODYPUMP, BODYSTEP, BODYATTACK, BODYBALANCE, SH’BAM and CXWORX. Lately I’ve concentrated on the jamming and only instruct jam classes now. Jam nom nom.

My secret, not-so-secret, wish for my classes is that people would jam away so fully that they will forget their name and their hair changes colour. I love my Jammers, they are awesome!

I love doing these things. Create the craziest experience with group exercise class. Take the class as high as possible, like we did when we did this BODYBALANCE by the sun. 110 meters high, on a outdoor lookout terrace at Näsinneula. Check the video.

Or dance BODYJAM on the lake ice, at night, with finger lights on. You had to be there. It was freezing! And amazing. Check the video.

We’ve also done BODYCOMBAT at midnight during Juhannus (Midnight Sun) and went to swim with our clothes on after that. Won’t show you that video.