Sanna Seiko Salo

When ever there was a party, I would come to the middle of the room, take my clothes off, turn my potty upside down and balance on top of it. I still like to take the stage. Never a party pooper. How nice of you to crash my party. WELCOME.

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Lady Lipstick

Mystical lady who smiles loudly. You can hear her as a podcast co-host in Supla. Lipstick Mafia podcast is two women sharing stories about sexuality, sex and relationships. Here's more info (in Finnish) and some pictures:

Lipstick Mafia


You wish using phones, apps and services was simpler and more fun. Me too. Let's change that first! Hastag service design, UX design, UI design, design.

Let's do this


Author-ita, video creator-ita, blogger-ita, Instagrammer-ita, Margarita!

Yes please!


Dancing and breathing, equally important. And being a queen. Crown up!

Dance with me